Collection and Disposal Services

Collection and Disposal Services

High Quality Service

Providing Full-range Waste Disposal Services with Dual Certificates;  Reuse of Entreprise Waste Certified, A Grade Waste Disposal Certified. Services include, waste collection and disposal items such as; credit cards,  drilling and demagnetizing hard drives, decommissioning information appliances, reuse electronic companies*(appliances), R Grade (Reuse/Recycled) Hardware

Credit cards

Drilling and Demagnetizing Hard Drives

Decommissioning Information Appliances

Reuse Electronic Companies*(Appliances)

R Grade (Reuse/Recycled) Hardware

-A Grade Waste Collection Services-

Credit cards, Drilling and Demagnetizing Hard Drives, Decommissioning Information Appliances

-Reuse Waste Collection Services-

Reuse Electronic Companies*(Appliances), R Grade (Reuse/Recycled) Hardware